Timber Industry

ABR’s team of wildlife biologists, botanists, and wetland scientists has provided the timber industry with innovative, science-based, and cost-effective services for over 25 years.  Our staff has extensive knowledge of wildlife species in the Pacific Northwest and southeast Alaska and experience implementing wildlife survey protocols for a wide variety of birds (murrelets, owls, eagles, songbirds), mammals (bats, mustelids, ungulates),  fish, and plants. We are well-respected experts on listed species, such as the marbled murrelet, and have developed highly effective, peer-reviewed techniques (link to publications) for assessing their use of timber stands, and have provided technical advice to landowners and agencies.  Our services include:

  • surveys for marbled murrelet, northern spotted owl, great gray owl, northern goshawk, songbirds, torrent salamander, red tree vole, and terrestrial mollusks in the Pacific Northwest

  • surveys and habitat modeling for deer, river otters, and mink in southeast Alaska

  • radar surveys and studies of marbled murrelet

  • acoustic monitoring of bats and birds

  • bat telemetry studies

  • fish population surveys

  • fish sampling, removal, and relocation

  • endangered, threatened, and sensitive species consultations

  • botanical surveys

  • expert testimony, literature reviews, and data management

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