ESA Consultation

Endangered Species

ABR has long-term experience with the Endangered Species Act and specific expertise with many of the animals and plants listed as threatened and endangered species in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii. ABR species experts have been involved in many formal and informal Section 7 and Section 10 consultations for major and minor projects—from polar bears and threatened eiders in areas of large arctic oil developments to Newell’s Shearwaters and Hawaiian Petrels at wind energy facilities and communication towers in Hawaii. Some of the species about which we have conducted formal or informal Section 7 and/or Section 10 consultations include:

  • Polar bear and polar bear critical habitat
  • Steller’s eider
  • Spectacled eider
  • Hawaiian Petrel
  • Newell’s Shearwater
  • Marbled Murrelet
  • Southwest Alaska Distinct Population Segment of northern sea otter
  • Western Distinct Population Segment of Steller’s sea lion
  • Yellow-billed loon
  • Pacific walrus
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