Government Agencies

Authorized GSA Contractor

At ABR, we value our partnerships with state and federal entities. We have decades of experience working successfully with various state and federal agencies in Alaska, the Lower 48, and Hawaii, ensuring that our operations succeed on time and on budget. Our government clients commonly request:

  • Management, mapping, and analysis of animal telemetry data
  • Landscape modeling, viewshed analysis, and change detection
  • Comprehensive ecological land surveys incorporating vegetation, wetlands, and wildlife habitat
  • Science communication products, such as interactive maps, online webinars, posters, and pocket guides

ABR GSA Contract Number: 47QRAA20D0010

ABR Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  1. 899-1 Environmental Consulting Service

  2. 899-7 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

  3. 00CORP-500 Order-Level Materials (OLMs)

Contact us for more information:

Tom DeLong, Contracts Manager

907-455-6777 ext. 104

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