Robert J. Ritchie, M.S. Senior Scientist

  • Raptor Specialist
  • TES Studies
  • Business Development

Bob Ritchie established himself as an Alaskan biologist and natural resource specialist in the early 1970s, co-founding ABR in 1976. He rose to CEO in the early 2000s and opened up the business to employee ownership in 1995 and again in 2012.  Currently he is a Director on ABR's Board.

His research interests have focused on raptor and waterfowl biology, particularly on Peregrine Falcons and Bald Eagles in interior and northern Alaska, and swans, geese, and eiders in northern Alaska. Bob has worked on a number of long-term wildlife monitoring projects including 17 years of Snow Goose banding and colony censuses on the Arctic Coastal Plain, 20 years of Tundra Swan surveys within the Kuparuk Oilfield, and surveys for raptors along the Tanana River spanning 20 years. 

In recent years, Bob has concentrated on conducting endangered species surveys, expanding ABR's business base, instituting conservation practices at work, and leading ABR toward a triple-bottom line philosophy. Bob's initiatives have included investing ABR's employee retirement in SRI funds, measuring and mitigating for our carbon footprint, and supporting employee time with local non-profit organizations. 


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