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ABR board selects Adrian Gall as new President

ABR board selects Adrian Gall as new President

New Publication!

Big congratulations to University of Alaska Fairbanks MS grad Madison Reynolds, and her committee members John Shook (ABR), Greg Breed, and Knut Kielland for their new publication exploring the best methods to survey for Great Horned Owls in the northernmost limit of their range—the Alaskan Arctic. #GreatHornedOwls #Ornithology #Arctic

ABR is Hiring—Software Developer

ABR is seeking an innovative and friendly programmer to support our lead IT Specialist and wildlife and landscape scientists with programming, data management, and Unix system administration. You will be part of a team that develops data collection applications, manages databases, and analyzes data to meet client needs. For job and contact details, please see the job description.

Arctic riparian shrub expansion indicates a shift from streams gaining water to those that lose flow

ABR vegetation scientists Gerald (J.J.) Frost and Ina Timling are authors on a new publication exploring the link between permafrost thaw and tundra shrub expansion. The study was a collaboration with University of Alaska Fairbanks and Alaska Department of Natural Resources, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Way to go J.J.!

Integrated terrain unit mapping on the Beaufort Coastal Plain, North Slope, Alaska, USA

Congratulations to @Aaron Wells and the rest of the ABR Ecological Land Survey (ELS) team on publishing an article that is the culmination of 3532.4 km² mapped over 26 years. Integrated Terrain Unit (ITU) mapping provides a baseline for planning and monitoring landscapes against a backdrop of climate change and ongoing industrial activity.

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