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3 New Publications, Alex Prichard

Way to go Alex Prichard on three recent publications exploring various aspects of North Slope caribou! If you’re looking for some interesting reading this week, check them out:

Congratulations to Caitlin Forster!

Congratulations to Caitlin Forster for two new publications! One explores growth and aging among Arctic fish species, and the other dives into the distributions, environments, and potential migrations of polar cod. Caitlin celebrated her one-year anniversary with ABR in April, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board. Follow these links to read more.

JJ Frost is going prime time with ARCUS

ABR biologist Dr. Gerald (JJ) Frost is going prime time as a featured speaker in the Arctic Research Seminar Series hosted by the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS). Sign up using the link below if you want the full webinar experience.

Aquatics-Fisheries seasonal position, closed

The Aquatic Ecology biologist (Field Crew Lead) and technicians (2) for the 2020 field season are closed.

February North Slope Caribou Survey

ABR biologist Joe Welch enjoyed great weather on the North Slope. This trip marked the first February aerial caribou survey ABR has performed of the Teshekpuk Caribou Herd. Thanks to 70 North Air Service for the safe and scenic trip!

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