Database Design & Management

ABR develops and deploys custom-made data collection software on a variety of platforms and has extensive experience with designing and managing biological and geospatial databases.  We provide end-to-end data support, from field collection tool apps and data integrity assurance to database design and management.  Among our many strengths is managing large, complex, and continuously updated data sets. We have developed advanced automated data management systems for millions of records that can ingest data, apply spatial filtering algorithms, link to spatial and temporal attribute data, and make current data and maps available over a secure website. Our data collection and management abilities include:

  • database design and management
  • data collection apps for mobile devices
  • data review applications designed for display and QA/QC tasks
  • custom, data-driven, dynamic web applications
  • interactive maps and other visualizations of data
  • expertise in Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL
  • experience collecting, analyzing, and maintaining animal telemetry data
ABR's triple bottom line: "Environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability"