Utilities & Telecom Industries

ABR has more than 20 years of experience providing environmental services for utilities and the telecommunications industry throughout Alaska, Hawaii, and the continental US. In addition to conducting standard surveys for a wide variety of wildlife and habitats, our lead scientists have developed highly effective, peer-reviewed techniques for investigating behaviors of birds and bats near transmission lines and towers. We use state-of-the-art equipment (i.e., radar, night-vision optics, and acoustic detectors) and statistically rigorous analyses to assess spatial and temporal activity patterns of birds and bats at those structures. We also have developed fatality models for use in estimating avian fatality rates at transmission lines and towers of various kinds, based on passage/movement rates and flight altitudes of birds and on the characteristics of the structures themselves.  The innovative Ecological Land Survey approach that ABR has developed integrates wildlife, plant, wetland, and physical landscape components into comprehensive field survey, classification, and mapping products that are invaluable for planning and permitting large-scale linear projects. Our services include:

  • pre-development baseline surveys for wildlife and fish (e.g., surveys to determine avian and bat use and locations of raptor/eagle nests)

  • comprehensive ecological land surveys incorporating vegetation, wetlands, and wildlife habitat mapping

  • utility-corridor feasibility studies, collision risk assessment and modeling

  • endangered, threatened, and sensitive species studies (e.g., eiders, marbled murrelet, Hawaiian seabirds, northern spotted owl, raptors, songbirds, red tree voles, bats, wood frogs) and consultations  (e.g., Section 7 consultations)

  • compliance with the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act

  • post-construction fatality monitoring and modelling of collision risks  

  • NEPA, environmental impact studies and assessments, and permitting support

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