Native Corporations & Tribes

ABR has its roots in Alaska and in working with Native Alaskan corporations and communities to address conservation issues in collaboration with local residents. We have worked as sub-contractors to Native corporations such as Olgoonik Fairweather LLC, a subsidiary of the Olgoonik Corporation of Wainwright, AK, and assisted the Alaska Native Health Tribal Consortium in conducting feasibility studies for hydroelectric power. We extended those relationships to include tribes of the Pacific Northwest when we opened our office in Oregon. We have provided services including wetland determinations and mapping for development projects and scientific services in support of permitting for oil and gas exploration on and near tribal lands. We value our good working relationships with Native American organizations and communities. Our full suite of multidisciplinary services has been employed for projects for and in collaboration with Native corporations and tribes, including:

  • Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program and Shell Onshore Environmental Studies Program, operated by Olgoonik Fairweather, a subsidiary of the Olgoonik Corporation of Wainwright

  • fish surveys for a feasibility study of hydroelectric power at Scammon Bay for the Alaska Native Health Tribal Consortium

  • wetlands mapping and bird movement studies for the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative

  • radar inventory of marbled murrelets on timber stands for the Hoopa Tribe in northern California

  • riparian mapping of the Grand Ronde watershed for the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission

ABR's triple bottom line: "Environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability"