ABR’s staff combines field and analytical skills with practical knowledge of raptor ecology to produce a powerful research team capable of handling existing and emerging issues for industry and resource agency clients. Since 1976, we have conducted hundreds of studies in 19 US states, Mexico, and Europe. Our scientists have been involved with a wide variety of raptor research including endangered species studies, radio telemetry, migration studies, aerial and ground surveys, banding, stable isotope and contaminant analysis, and population monitoring studies. We have designed and analyzed data to assess spatial and temporal activity patterns, collision potential, and fatality estimates of birds at wind turbines, meteorological towers, and transmission lines. Our research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals. We provide both broad coverage and experience with a wide range of species and topics.

Services include: 

  • Eagle Conservation Plans (ECPs) and permitting 

  • Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act surveys 

  • Mitigation plans, NEPA documents, Section 7 Consultations, etc.

  • Endangered species surveys and risk assessment 

  • Collision risk modeling 

  • Post-construction fatality monitoring 

  • Raptor nest surveys (aerial, land, water) 

  • Raptor abundance and behavior studies at wind projects in the US and Mexico 

  • Raptor migration studies in the US, Mexico, and Spain 

  • Raptor disturbance studies: Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon studies at road, pipeline, and timber construction projects 

  • Northern Spotted Owl protocol surveys 

  • Northern Goshawk protocol surveys 

  • Long-term population monitoring studies (e.g., Peregrine Falcon) 

  • Raptor banding (mist nets, dho-gaza, bal-chatri, baited traps) 

  • Satellite and VHF transmitter tracking techniques

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