Wind Energy Projects

Environmental Services for Wind Energy Projects

ABR is a leader in research associated with wind power siting, monitoring, and impact assessment. Our work with
the wind industry began in 1994 and we have conducted over 70 wind and wildlife studies in 17 US states, Canada,
Europe, and Mexico. Our scientiic team has extensive experience addressing a wide range of pre-construction
and post-construction wildlife issues, including studies and permitting based on the Land Based Wind Energy
Guidelines and the Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance. Our lead scientists have developed highly efective,
peer-reviewed techniques for investigating behaviors of birds and bats. We use state-of-the art equipment
(i.e., radar, night-vision optics, and acoustic detectors) and statistically rigorous analyses to assess spatial and
temporal activity patterns of birds and bats, collision potential, and fatality estimates at wind turbines,
meteorological towers, and transmission lines (see Mabee et al. 2006, Kunz et al. 2007). We provide broad coverage of the country and a diverse set of services, including:

» Study design and data analysis for terrestrial and offshore projects
» Site characterization studies
» Wildlife inventories and surveys
» Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act protocol surveys
» Endangered species surveys and risk assessment (e.g., Hawaiian Petrel, Newell’s Shearwater, Marbled Murrelet, Northern Spotted Owl, Hawaiian hoary bat)
» Eagle Conservation Plans (ECPs) and Permitting
» Avian point count surveys
» Raptor nest surveys and monitoring
» Nocturnal radar and visual surveys for birds and bats
» Collision risk modelling
» Post-construction fatality monitoring for birds and bats
» Bat acoustic monitoring
» Mist netting and telemetry studies for bats
» Modeling turbine exposure indices for birds and bats
» Behavioral studies of bird and bat interactions with wind turbines, met towers, and associated structures
» Independent review of wildlife studies

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