Supporting Education and Bright Futures in Central America: Project Salvador

In the 1990s, ABR began donating to Project Salvador through a Scholarship Program supporting disadvantaged, rural students in El Salvador. In the 25 years of our involvement, Project Salvador has helped provide tuition, bus fares, and school supplies for numerous students interested in completing high school and college.  Importantly, these students want to stay in-country and to date about 50% of 65 college graduates have found work in their profession and all of them have remained in El Salvador. 

As professionals, they feel that they have an obligation to make things better in their home country.  This year, after 8 years of studies, Dr. Johanna Lemus, became the first student from the program to graduate as a medical doctor. She is now practicing in a rural hospital.  We are so happy to have been a part of this success story and proud to provide educational assistance for our neighbors to the south.

Since 1986, Project Salvador has also provided aid to the people of El Salvador in implementing their own vision of justice, by teaching marketing skills to women; micro-lending; advocating for reconciliation after a dozen years of civil war; supporting reconstruction after the devastating earthquake of 2001; and sustaining nutrition programs for children and senior citizens. For more information on Project Salvador and its projects, please go to their website, or contact us (

Dr. Johanna Lemus

Project Salvador university scholarship recipients

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