Field Guide to ABR: Tony LaCortiglia

The ABR support staff ensure that our field operations, and our every day operations, are as efficient as possible, so our science staff can focus on science. This month we would like to introduce you to Tony LaCortiglia, a vital member of the ABR support team. 

Tony LaCortiglia joined ABR in 2005.  He is one of the support staff key to assisting in mobilizing our crews and getting them into the field. Tony brings a wealth of knowledge to his management and maintenance of the ABR facilities and field equipment, with a background in off-grid electrical systems and aerospace engineering. Occasionally, Tony gets to leave the office and assist in the field. He has participated in snow surveys, wind turbine impacts assessments, and a variety of other vegetation and wildlife studies (preferring those that involve helicopters).

In addition to the many skills he brings to ABR, in the winter, Tony can also be found piloting the Zamboni for the UAF Nanooks at the Carlson Center to the cheers of adoring hockey fans.

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