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The Amazing Diversity of Katmai National Park and Preserve

The ABR Ecological Land Survey team recently completed the second of two summer field expeditions in Katmai National Park and Preserve. The team was conducting a soil and vegetation inventory as well as collecting data on landforms and surface hydrology. The first trip of the summer investigated coastal areas, whereas the second trip focused on the interior regions of the park. On both trips, field crews experienced diverse and dynamic landscapes, and even carnivorous plants!

Serving up science for management at Katmai National Park & Preserve

The goal of the National Park Service (NPS)’s Inventory & Monitoring Program is to improve park management though greater reliance on scientific information. ABR is proud to be a partner in this program by collecting and analyzing data for use by NPS. In August 2016, ABR's Ecological Land Survey (ELS) team conducted fieldwork for a soils inventory of Katmai National Park & Preserve (KATM). The objective of the inventory is to gain a better understanding of how soils contribute to the richness and character of the park by identifying local-scale ecosystems and soil types and mapping their distribution.

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