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Fairbanks positions closed.

ABR's field technician positions in Fairbanks have been filled. These candidates will support studies at project locations throughout Alaska. The ideal candidate will have extensive field experience with a preference for good identification skills for birds (waterfowl, shorebirds, passerines), mammals, fish, and Alaska flora. Resistance to motion sickness is required; experience with aerial surveys for birds and/or mammals is a plus. Must be in excellent physical condition and able to work 10-12-hr days, hiking in difficult conditions and carry 14 kg (30 lbs). 

Anchorage office aquatic ecology/fisheries field technicians—CLOSED!

Our Anchorage office's aquatic ecology technician POSITIONS CLOSED.

Anchorage office vegetation/wetlands Field Technicians CLOSED

Anchorage vegetation/wetlands field technician position CLOSED. 

New YBLO Publication

Congrats to Senior Scientist Rick Johnson and co-authors Alex Prichard (ABR Senior Scientist), Ann Wildman (ABR emeritus), and Caryn Rea (ConocoPhillips Alaska) on their forthcoming Journal of Wildlife Management article, “Territory Occupancy by Breeding Yellow-billed Loons near Oil Development.” Their findings suggest that breeding pairs and broods of Yellow-billed Loons (Gavia adamsii) on the Colville River delta are resilient to levels of human activity at recently constructed oilfield facilities. The article is available on line; you can read it by clicking on this link. See also a summary of the article on our website here.

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