Recent news and events at ABR. 

Where caribou roam: advanced telemetry data management

The advent of radio-telemetry collars in the 1970’s transformed wildlife biology. For the first time, biologists could follow individual, highly mobile animals throughout the year. In the years since, telemetry collars have become much smaller, more accurate, and more technologically advanced. They have changed from bulky VHF collars that had to be located by an observer to smaller collars that can record frequent, highly accurate GPS locations, transmit locations daily via satellite, and can even be programmed to change the frequency of locations recorded when the animal is within a pre-defined area.The advances in telemetry collars have also been accompanied by a deluge of data as collars record locations as frequently as every 15 minutes and transmit new locations every day. 

PostgreSQL tip of the day: getting SELECTive

Have you ever written a PostgreSQL SELECT query and wished you had more control over the rows that are returned?

Connecting with clients and community

We are in the midst of a busy season with many competing obligations: attendance and presentations at conferences; reports about fieldwork completed in summer and fall; and engaging with our community as we hunker down and bundle up for Alaska’s winter that finally showed up this week. Conferences like the Resource Development Council’s Alaska Resources Conference provide a great opportunity to hear what many of our industry clients have to share about the current year in review and outlook for 2017. ABR takes pride in supporting responsible development efforts by clients including ConocoPhillips, BP Alaska, Caelus Energy, and Hilcorp. We also listened attentively to what Governor Bill Walker and Commissioner Andy Mack had to say about the State’s plans for the Alaska LNG pipeline project.

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