Recent news and events at ABR. 

A Field Guide to ABR: Julie Parrett

For our next entry in a series featuring some of the fantastic employees at ABR, we would like to introduce you to Research Biologist, Julie Parrett. 

The 20th Annual Alaska Forum on the Environment, February 12-16

The Alaska Forum on the Environment is happening in Anchorage this week, and ABR Senior Scientists John Seigle and Sue Bishop are attending and presenting. John presented on the opening day of the conference with an overview of the Colville River Delta Arctic Cisco Fall Fishery. Sue will be presenting on Thursday at 2:00 pm on 'Thirty Years of Land Rehabilitation on the North Slope--What Have We Learned?' AFE provides a wide range of topics and perspectives on the environmental issues and challenges we face in Alaska. We hope you get a chance to attend part of the conference, if you see us, stop and say "hello"!

ABoVE Science Team Meeting

ABR Senior Scientists, J.J. Frost and Matthew Macander attended the 4th ABoVE Science Team Meeting last week in Seattle to meet with collaborators, share results from the work completed so far, and get updates on what other teams are doing.

A Field Guide to ABR: Robert McNown

We are beginning a new series this year featuring some of the fantastic employees at ABR. We are very excited to start the series by profiling Research Biologist, Robert McNown.

Keeping up with wetlands mitigation in Alaska

Why do our clients need to know about wetlands? Because whether you want to develop land or conserve it, the provisions of the Clean Water Act require consulting with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers before wetlands are affected in any way. For over 20 years, the ABR wetlands team has been working to provide our clients with relevant information for obtaining Section 404 wetland permits under the Clean Water Act. By keeping informed of the changing regulatory requirements, we have been able to assist with the permitting process and mitigation planning for individual development projects.

ABR's triple bottom line: "Environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability"