Recent news and events at ABR. 

Greater Sage Grouse Lek Surveys

The Oregon ABR office has been conducting volunteer Greater Sage Grouse lek surveys since 2010 with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's "Adopt-a-Lek" program. These surveys are in remote areas of eastern Oregon with the goal of surveying historical lek sites and looking for new lek sites.

Wood Frogs in Alaska

ABR has conducted field surveys in Alaska for the seldom seen, spring vocalist: the Wood Frog. Wood Frogs can be found throughout much of Alaska, and is the only amphibian to be found north of the Arctic Circle. "Cryoprotectant" chemicals allow up to 65% of the water in a Wood Frog's body to crystallize into ice as the body temperature drops. This amazing adaptation allows Wood Frogs to hibernate during Alaska's long winters.

Marine Biology in Barrow

ABR employees Bob Day and Ashley Hovis, as part of the CSESP (Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program), visited Barrow in July to present a Marine Biology class to kids at the Minŋiq (Impact) Camp.

Arctic Institute of North America

ABR is proud to be a member of the Arctic Institute of North America, and to support the Grant-in-Aid Program. The Grant-in-Aid program provides awards to students in support of research in the Arctic.

Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program Podcasts!

ABR employees, Adrian Gall and Ashely Hovis, along with Sasha McFarland from Oloognik Fairweather; conducted interviews with Chukchi Sea Environmental Studies Program sponsors, scientists and vessel teams. These interviews were primarily recorded onboard the R/V Westward Wind during the 2014 cruise season. Follow the links for some fun insights into conducting research on the Chukchi Sea!

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